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Do you skip breakfast?

Do you skip breakfast in the morning? Do you hit that snooze button one more time choosing a few extra minutes of sleep over some morning fuel?

When you’re constantly racing from one appointment to the next causing you to feel overwhelmed by your schedule, it’s a popular decision to skip breakfast entirely. I’ve been there too myself so I understand the reasoning behind feeling like there’s no time to eat this early in the day. I figured I could just wait until lunchtime and give my body what it needed then.

I’m sure you’ve heard before that breakfast was the most important meal of the day; but, in case you need another reminder… it’s time to stop skipping breakfast!

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!

But really – it’s vital to find time to eat breakfast. You just went the entire night without eating, and you need to refuel your body for the day ahead. Breakfast is the perfect time to get in those important vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function well throughout the day. After all you are breaking a fast.

Eating breakfast helps improve concentration, memory and even helps boost your mood. Finding a simple, healthy breakfast that works for your busy schedule is quite easy, and we’re going to do that today – so no more excuses for skipping breakfast.

Here are a few of my favorite healthy and simple breakfast ideas that fit perfectly into a busy schedule –

Toast with avocado and an egg. This breakfast tastes great and can be made within a couple of minutes. The avocado is full of healthy fats, and the egg provides you with some protein you need to fuel your body well for the day. Home run if you go for a sprouted bread!

Fruit, nut, seeds and yogurt parfait. Kite Hill is a delicious plant-based yogurt that you must try if you haven’t yet – delicious. You simply layer up some yogurt, nuts, seeds, fruit, nut butter and honey to create a delicious breakfast full of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Make-ahead breakfast mini-muffins. When you have absolutely no time in the morning, prepare these ahead of time and even take them with you. Simply whisk some egg, spinach, other vegetables you desire into muffin tins, bake these at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes, and they are ready to go.

Overnight chia. Mix in oats, chia seeds, honey and some nut-milk into a jar and then leave it overnight in the fridge. You can add other ingredients you may desire to make this to your taste, like cacao, blueberries or peanut butter.

Don’t over complicate it – that’s exactly what causes the feeling of overwhelm that holds you back from eating breakfast daily.

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