Name: Jessie
Hometown:Stroudsburg, PA
Program: New You Seasonal Whole Foods Detox
Biggest Accomplishment: Headaches were gone.

Why did you decide that you were finally ready to move forward with a life-changing Program with Adrienne?

Being a full time working mom, always on the go its not always easy to put yourself first. I was feeling very tired and sluggish, getting frequent headaches and was having trouble sleeping at night.

Why would you recommend this Program (or other Programs that Adrienne offers) to others?
This program was wonderful, Adrienne made it very easy to follow, providing wonderful support the whole way though. I looked forward to her daily check-ins online, and being connected to other people also doing the detox. It was nice to see what foods people were eating and how they were feeling good or bad. The recipes were delicious, i never once felt like i was eating “detox” foods and my family loved them as well (our favorite was the sweet potato soup).
I am looking forward to working with Adrienne again and will continue to use her yummy recipes!


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