Name: Lori
Hometown:Northampton, PA
Program: 6-Month Radical Transformation Program
Biggest Accomplishment: I lost 40 pounds

Why did you decide that you were finally ready to move forward with a life-changing Program with Adrienne?

In that I wasn’t feeling very good all around, I chose the 6-Month Radical Transformation Program. I wanted to lose weight and get healthy and to change the way my family and I eat.

Why would you recommend this Program (or other Programs that Adrienne offers) to others?
To make a very long story short, I had a pulmonary embolism. It was found by mistake as I had no idea. I spent five (5) days in ICU and spent months recovering. Adrienne stuck with me through the whole thing. She got me back on track after having to eat the worst hospital food ever (blah); and, although I believe God helped me to stay alive, I believe he sent Adrienne to me to get me healthy. Had I not changed my lifestyle and lost the extra 40 pounds, I’m not sure I would be here to write this testimonial.
I feel better, my kids and I eat better. It’s easy to keep going once you start. You don’t feel deprived and you feel good about your food choices and the changes you have made in your life. I lost 13 pounds during the 11-Day detox alone and was really feeling good.