Name: Nicole
Hometown:Lancaster, PA
Program: New You Seasonal Whole Foods Detox
Biggest Accomplishment: I have noticed is that not only do I feel healthier; but, I have more energy. I don’t feel bloated or weighted down because of my eating habits.

Why did you decide that you were finally ready to move forward with a life-changing Program with Adrienne?

My main goal was to change my diet to gluten free. Your program helped me reach my goal by cutting out foods with high sugar content, processed foods, and foods with gluten. It also helped me to start to read labels and take note on what I am putting in my body.

Why would you recommend this Program (or other Programs that Adrienne offers) to others?
Adrienne was there for me every step of the way. Through morning texts or emails always asking me how I was feeling. When I had questions she was able to answer them right away. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to change to a gluten free diet for any type of reason. My reasoning was based on migraines. Adrienne suggested I do this program because it is harder to go gluten free cold turkey. Therefore, having this program helped me cut out the normal day to day foods that I really shouldn’t be eating.


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