Name: Tiffany
Hometown:East Stroudsburg, PA
Program: 6-Month Radical Transformation Program
Biggest Accomplishment: Now at the end of my 6-month program I have a closer relationship with God, my monthly cycle has improved, I have no more food cravings, I am off all prescriptions and my joints aren’t achy anymore.

Why did you decide that you were finally ready to move forward with a life-changing Program with Adrienne?

I began the year the heaviest I have ever been at 161 pounds, along with being more depressed than ever. I had the worst acne, I was constantly sick with one infection after another, and I could not sleep a full night.

Why would you recommend this Program (or other Programs that Adrienne offers) to others?
In March, I found Adrienne with Blissful Existence. After one month of her coaching I noticed I already had more energy and I was losing weight. Two month’s later my nails and skin were beautiful again! Wow! My current weight is 139.4 pounds and I am now a size 6 from a 12. I haven’t been this size since I was pregnant with my first child! I now wake up looking for what my day has to offer and enjoy nature daily thankful that I took that first step by scheduling a FREE consultation with Adrienne!.